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Donna Horn is a painter living in Wendell, MA.  She works in acrylic medium, and is noted for her ornate, baroque inspired gilt frames.  When asked what a painting means, she will often shrug, prefering to let them say what they will.  Her paintings are expressions of emotional and spiritual states that are too subtle, primal, passionate, silly, ecstatic, or convoluted to be conveyed in words.

Horn earned her BFA from UMASS Amherst in something like 1989 or 1990, subsequently moved to Wendell in 1993.  It was in this environment, tucked in a one room house in a laurel thicket, that she began to cultivate her colorful “Monsters”, which can be seen in the 3 D as well.  In 1998, inspired by frequency of figure drawing, she began to work almost exclusively with the female human form, while still working with mythical animal imagery as well.

For 16 years she has shown her work almost exclusively at the Wendell Country Store.  All of it sold, but she has scraped up enough to put together a gallery show outside of her laurel thicket.  Enjoy.